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I have been so, so excited to get this going and it is now LIVE! Over the last 6 years there have been so many times where I have spoken with people that just felt stuck or really confused on one area of their registry. They couldn’t decide between a few strollers or they couldn’t figure out which high chair to get or they were traveling and had no idea which gear was best for travel. Sound familiar?

Ask an expert is an opportunity for you to get swift, real, unbiased information from me without needing to do a full baby planning package!

How does it work?

1. Submit your question in the form on the Ask An Expert page. Definitely give some background info to your question and this will allow me to give you more personalized product recommendations).
2. Submit your question and simply pay $10 for expert review and advice. Honestly $10 is nothing to ensure that you get the right product that is going to work for your family.
3. You will receive the answer to your question within 18 hours but most likely less than that as I want to get you the info that you need as quick as I can.
4. You are able to ask one follow-up question at no cost to ensure you have all the info you need.

Whether you are stuck while building your registry or realized you are in need of something once you have baby home we can help!

I wish I could help every new parent I meet or see in a baby store. Sharing the information that I know and helping parents navigate the vast world of baby gear is honestly what drives me. I truly want every parent to enjoy their pregnancy and not feel any stress over all the other stuff that comes with a baby!

Head to Ask an Expert now and ask away!

xo, Julie

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