Wow – we’re impressed!

BabyNav?áis back and getting settled after our visit to the ABC Kids Expo and we must say we were impressed! So many products that are?ágoing to be?áavailable soon are going to do what exactly our moms have been asking for – combining fashion with function!?áWe spent a lot of time playing with car seats and strollers that weigh less, have more?ásafety features and look better?áthan what was available at this time last year. We also?áfound many products?áthat we are excited to get on our?ámoms’ registries that will save them time and make their lives a little easier.?áWe came home hoping to make a top?á10?álist from the show and?áit turned into our top?á20.

Be on the watch for some sneak peaks and first hand reviews coming soon!

xoxo, Julie

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