6 Ways to Find Energy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can zap energy from you leaving you wondering how you will make it through the day let alone finish everything on your to-do list. Add the fact that many of us have to make a major cut in our caffeine intake during pregnancy and the struggle gets worse. The good news is that you can fight it and find energy during your pregnancy.

This may sound obvious but plan ahead for a full nights sleep. You will wake up for a lot of trips to the bathroom and in the third trimester rolling over can become an Olympic sport. In the the end, it is vital that you take the time to go to bed early so that you will have a full nights sleep even if you are up repeatedly. Ideally, you need an hour earlier than normal to make up for lost time. To help with night wakings create a relaxing bedtime routine and cut off fluids early in the evening.

Start the day out right with a healthy energizing meal. Natural energy boosters like orange juice are a great addition to your breakfast. Planning a breakfast that will give you energy with plenty of filing protein is a great way to give your body an early morning energy boost without having to reach for coffee.

Plan your daytime snacks. Energy wanes and, let’s face it, pregnancy makes you hungry. Planning daily snacks helps you make it through the day and stops you from grabbing high carb or high sugar snacks that will send you crashing rather than give you the true fuel you need to keep you going.

Give energy boosting essential oils a try. Orange and lemon essential oils are invigorating and can help give you the pep in your step you need to make it through the day. Aromatherapy jewelry is great for keeping these handy for you to enjoy the fragrance all day long.

To help your body fight off tiredness you will find regular workouts go a long way. Even if all you can manage is a stroll around the park it will help give you a boost of energy and keep your body healthy and ready for the big day when it needs all the strength it can get. If you need something really low impact, swimming is an amazing workout you can enjoy that will take pressure off your back and hips giving you pain relief that goes a long way to making your day easier.

Don’t be afraid to take a nap. Creating an entire human can be exhausting and if you find yourself in need of a nap look for a comfy place and take advantage. You earned it.

xo, Julie

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