Tuesday Introduction: MommiesFirst

I am so pleased to be able to introduce you to a fantastic company that I am proud to call a partner to BabyNav! MommiesFirst is a subscription box service that starts providing customized and personalized care packages as early as 3 months in a woman’s pregnancy. We love the idea that an expecting mom can start to receive items to support her pregnancy journey and keep those going when she brings baby home. Most of all we love that each product or service is tested by the MommiesFirst council before it goes to any mom and brands can’t just purchase their way into the boxes. I am proud to say that BabyNav has been selected as a service that MommiesFirst provides to their expecting mommies. We love that at about the time an expecting mommy is in the trenches of selecting her baby gear she will get a MommiesFirst care package that includes a gift certificate for time with BabyNav to help select the gear that works for her family!

So, let’s meet mom-extraordinaire and founder of MommiesFirst, Lorena Scott! I promise you are going to love her and learn from her!

  • How long ago did you start MommiesFirst and what was your inspiration?

We launched the MommiesFirst website on Mother’s Day 2012.  I had my two sons (at the time 6 months and 2.5 years old) on my lap when we pushed the site live.  It was really cool and I tried to explain to them what was happening, but they just wanted to play with the computer, of course! We shipped our first boxes in September 2012.  I often say we are a young company with big dreams of making a real difference in moms’ lives.

  • What types of products go into the MommiesFirst boxes and how do you select them?

Our care packages are stage-appropriate, so what that means for a mom is that she will receive a box of products specific to the month of her pregnancy or the age of her baby (up to the first year).  We have a broad range of products that are featured in our care packages – from a maternity tank to belly cream, a sippy cup, and personalized stationary.  While the products will vary, all of our brands are handpicked by our MommiesFirst Council, which means they are tried, tested and reviewed by a group or moms, dads and baby experts before they make it into our moms’ boxes and into their homes.

  •  How is MommiesFirst unique from other subscription box services?

I think this is a really good question and we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this before we launched MommiesFirst.  The idea of a subscription box business has become quite popular, and we wanted to make sure we provided a unique and valuable service for moms.

MommiesFirst is different in that we support both pregnant and new moms – our care packages start during month 3 of a mom’s pregnancy. And it is our goal to help moms during this incredible journey.  Our boxes are very personal, so that all of or members feel like they’re receiving a box made just for them – and that starts with our personalized note and tailored product.  It’s not just our tag line  – there is a lot of love and care that goes into creating each mom’s care package.  Importantly as well we are working with great service providers (like BabyNav) as well as great products.

  • What is your favorite thing about owning and operating MommiesFirst?

Wow – that’s a tough question to answer, because I love MommiesFirst. I really believe we are building a company that will be a resource to moms, and that’s inspiring. I truly enjoy making a moms day through our care packages – making her feel special and empowering her to make better decisions on which products and services to use a as a new mom.

The other “favorite thing” is the impact being an entrepreneur will hopefully have on my kids longer term. As their mom, I think a lot about what lies ahead for them as they grow older, and I really hope that they will follow their passions and take lots of leaps of faith while pursuing those dreams. I hope watching me build and grow MommiesFirst will inspire them to do whatever makes them happy and hopefully make a great impact on the world too!

  • Do you have any advice to a mom that wants to start her own business?

There are two pieces of advice I’d give. One – just do it. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s so true.  I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur for so long, and for the longest time I was too scared to give it a try.  Now that I’m actually doing it, I pinch myself every day with excitement, and I really don’t know why it took me so long.

Two – ask for help.  Today I had a friend say I was super mom – and that’s simply not true. (although I totally appreciate the comment).  The reason I’m able to start a business, be a mom to two boys, be a wife to my husband, etc. is because I’m lucky to have a network of people who genuinely “have my back”.  It starts with a supportive husband who never lets me give up, a loving father who has moved in with us in order to help launch MommiesFirst, great friends who forgive me for being all consumed by work, etc.  I’m not doing this alone – it’s taking a village of amazing (and generous) people who are being supportive of my entrepreneurial dream and MommiesFirst. And all I had to do was ask for help and this village of people has surrounded me and with physical and emotional support.

  • What does your daily schedule look like? How do you divide your time and priorities between your children, your husband, your home and MommiesFirst?

My schedule is like that of most moms – it’s crazy and long. I try and have breakfast with my boys in the morning before heading off to work and then we have dinner as a family at night.  Once my kids have gone to bed and the house is quiet, I get back online to work – sometimes until 3am.  Starting a new business has meant a lot of sleepless nights as we get MommiesFirst off the ground.  However, I try and reorganize my work “day” in order to maximize quality time with my family, which usually means less sleep for me, but I wouldn’t change it.

  • Is there one piece of baby gear that you recommend a new parent must have?

For the early months to a baby’s first year, I loved my Baby Bjorn. With the help of a Bjorn I can take long walks, do errands, even work, and all the while sneak in kisses whenever I want. It’s also great for travel and managing multiple kids at the airport!

Thanks so much Lorena for the awesome advice and giving us a peak into life with MommiesFirst!

Happy Subscribing! xoxo, Julie


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