Tuesday Introduction: Georgia Grace

I love Tuesday Introductions and this one in particular I am SO excited and SO proud to be sharing with you! The term Super Mom is one that I don’t use a lot because I think most days most moms could be wearing a cape. However, my friend Jordon defines Super Mom. Jordon is the talented and creative founder of Georgia Grace, a beautiful children’s clothing line, and she does all this while taking care of her 4 awesome kids. In full disclosure, I have known Jordon for 20+ years and even when we were just kids hitting tennis balls I  knew she was going to do great things that touched a lot of people. (I was even tempted to share a picture of us in matching tennis dresses circa 1995 but then thought better of it.) I am really  happy and I know you will be too that Jordon agreed to give us a little sneak peek into her world and introduce you to Georgia Grace!

  • How long ago did you start Georgia Grace and what was your inspiration?

Georgia Grace evolved into a business in early 2006.  I was looking for something to do for myself while adjusting to being a new mom of twin girls, I went with what I knew how to do and started sewing again. Next thing I know I founded Georgia Grace Clothing. I’ve been inspired by my twin girls, Georgia & Grace, to dress kids in clothes that let their personalities shine and keep them looking like sweet little girls. We then added a little boy, Henry, to our family and I’ll throw in a boy style to Georgia Grace here or there.

  • Does George Grace sell all sizes of kids clothing including infants?

We sell girls clothing sizes 6m through 12 and boys pieces in limited sizes. We are constantly evolving and looking forward to adding a woman line in the future!

  • Where can we purchase your designs?

Georgia Grace is sold exclusively through our Trunk Representatives. You can order through any of them and if there is one close to you give them a ring! In the Tristate area, your go-to girl is Elena and she can be reached at elena@georgiagracedesigns.com.

  • What is your favorite thing about owning and operating Georgia Grace?

By far, the freedom and creativity. I now have 4 children and it’s still important to me that I remain their primary caregiver. On the flip side, because I have 4 kids I need an outlet. GG had allowed me to have a beautiful balance between being a mother and businesswoman.

  • Do you have any advice to a mom that wants to start her own business?

Now is the time! I’ve read countless articles in business journals about mothers who are changing the small business atmosphere. It’s true! You need to believe in yourself, keep your feet planted, know when to grow and when to pull back, and know that your determination is directly related to your success. The only thing that is keeping you from your goal is you!

  • What about for our Moms of Multiples…what would be your one piece of advice to share with them?

My biggest and only advice to a mother of multiples would be to ignore everything that anyone has to tell you about how to raise multiples. You do what you need to do to survive and you’ll learn to forgive yourself for all the things you couldn’t do with multiples when it all gets easier (think mommy and me swimming lessons). Oh, and tell people who say “Well, I had two “x” months apart, or, I had so many under whatever age” to get a clue. 😉

  • Any new baby gear that you are loving with your youngest?

Well, my youngest turned a year old last weekend and because she’s my fourth we didn’t need much. However, I am in love with my Peg Perego Pliko Switch travel system. Frances Kate, the baby, has used it after Henry and it’s my favorite. I bought and returned every stroller out there and this is the one that stuck! Otherwise, I’m a minimalist – except when it comes to clothes ;).

  • What does your daily schedule look like? How do you divide your time and priorities between your 4 beautiful kids, your husband, your home and Georgia Grace?

Yikes! It’s never the same. I struggle with being a Type A person deep down but have to be a type B just to survive. I pick my battles very carefully and have come to embrace organized chaos.  My house gets crazy, and to keep it real – I do have a cleaning service and my husband does the laundry. I am very fortunate to have my most amazing husband on my side. He works all day and then is ready to come home and care for the kids so I can go to work. When things get hard he lets me cry, or complain, or helps me work through a difficult situation. In the end, we’re each others support system and we’re just happy to be able survive as a family.

  • Is there anything you do really different now as a Mom with the youngest than you did with the twins and/or now that you have GG in full swing?

Ya know, I think the biggest difference is that I now give myself a break. I wanted so badly to be the perfect mom when I had the girls and I expected that of myself. I thought if I didn’t do “x, y, or z” that I was failing them. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be something that I just wasn’t. I now realize that all I want for all four of my kids is to just be happy. I’m happy to say that, thanks to GG, I’m a better mother.  Even than when I had more time to be just a mother.  It thrills me that my children get to see me doing what makes me happy (and we all know they learn by example).

Thank you Jordon for your great advice and inspiring words! We can’t wait to see what you have coming next!

Check out the Georgia Grace website or Facebook page to get a sneak at their fall collection coming at the end of August! Make sure you like Georgia Grace on Facebook and reach out to your Trunk Representatives to schedule a party and ensure your kids get into their fun and beautiful designs!

Happy Shopping! xoxo, Julie

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