10 Trusted Resources for Expecting Parents During Quarantine

Expecting parents are always inundated with information but right now it is harder than ever to know who to trust. Below please find a list of trusted online resources and sources of expert information:

  • Sources for coronavirus related information for pregnancy:
  • Twiniversity (THE resource if you are expecting multiples and you can now take their classes online.)
  • Pregnant Chicken (Great info on all things pregnancy and baby gear related with a good sense of humor which we could all use right now.)
  • Birth Day Presence (This NYC based provider of prenatal classes is now offering live online classes including childbirth education, newborn care and infant CPR.)
  • Evidence Based Birth (A site created by a nurse who wanted to share the most current, evidence-based information on pregnancy and childbirth. She has added a comprehensive resource page dedicated to Covid-19.)
  • LYNZY & CO (Make sure you follow her on Instagram. She’s a working Physician’s Assistant in an ER, she’s currently expecting her 4th child, she has openly shared her family’s experience with Covid-19 and she shares good fact based info on pregnancy.)
  • Obe Fitness (If you are looking for online prenatal fitness classes look no further. The app offers on-demand fitness classes you can stream and there is an entire section of strength, yoga and cardio prenatal classes.)
  • Ask an Expert (Use this feature to access our swift, unbiased, expert  information on any baby gear or registry questions.)

xo, Julie

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