This time it’s personal – Multiplicity Magazine!

In case you missed yesterday’s Facebook post, I am SO thrilled to be featured as a contributing author for the Spring Issue of Multiplicity magazine. Multiplicity is a publication for families of multiples that includes content on subjects related to beauty, pregnancy, parenting, culture, education, health, nutrition, shopping, savings, etc. Even if you don’t have multiples there is content that all families will find useful. Check out page 20 for a personal story about my twins!

The last 24 hours since the article went live have been surprisingly emotional for me. This story is my life as I have lived it for 2 1/2 years but it isn’t one that I have always been very open about. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t avoid the subject and I don’t try to hide the fact that my twins have congenital heart defects but it isn’t something I offer up for conversation. I have received so many kinds words, beautiful emails and offers for prayer and support since the article went live. I am realizing I simply wasn’t ready until now to be so open and honest about our story and to hear those words. I feel blessed to be able to reach so many people and raise awareness for CHD. Of course, I also don’t mind being able to brag about my amazing kids and their untouchable strength. 🙂 I truly thank each person who read this story, shared this story, wrote me a message or email to share their story or to say thank you for sharing mine.

My commitment is to continue to share our story as our journey moves forward. It is part of what I do naturally with BabyNav…you can’t live with two kids with major medical issues and not be organized and have systems for everything. I love to work with people and share my knowledge through these experiences to help their lives be a little more stress free. And to help you connect a little more as I share our story – Baby A is the owner of those beautiful blue eyes on my home page. That picture is there because to me he is such a symbol of joy, beauty and strength.

And I would be remiss to not mention two very important people that have been my rocks through it all, my husband and my three year old son! My husband has held me up so many times when I thought I would fall and called me out when my control issues got a little crazy. My three year old son can look into my eyes and tell me he loves me and I truly know everything is going to be okay.

Again, thank you for your kinds words, love and support. This won’t be the last you hear from us!

Happy Reading! xoxo, Julie

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