Custom Routine Development
Babies love routine and you will too after working with BabyNav to create a custom routine. Based on your lifestyle and family goals, we will work together to develop a routine, which includes feeding support, that reinforces play time, quiet time, feeding time and sleeping time.

Custom Routine Execution
As you return to work, executing a routine each day that works for you and your family is critical to making it a success. BabyNav is available to provide 24/7 support to get you and baby in-sync with a routine that leaves everyone feeling content. We will also work with caregivers to ensure your routine is executed while you are away.

Childcare Consulting
Being happy with the care environment that you entrust your baby with each day will make your transition back to work a more enjoyable process. BabyNav will consult on your decision between a daycare, nanny or au pair. We will also support in nanny interviews and daycare visits.