Preventing Flathead Syndrome with Tortle (and a GIVEAWAY)

We first told you about Tortle when we came back from the ABC Kids Expo excited to have discovered this awesome little beanie! We have since met so many babies that have required therapy or worse, a helmet that we decided to get more info about the Tortle.

It is scary to learn that one million babies will be diagnosed with Flathead Syndrome this year in the US alone (that is 48% of babies 0-6 months)! Flathead Syndrome includes both Plagiocephaly (the flattening of the baby’s skull) and Torticollis (unbalanced neck muscles). Studies are now showing that Flathead Syndrome may not only cause a cosmetic issue but are causing cognitive and motor delays! Every infant is at risk but premature and multiples are at a higher risk and the Tortle is an easy, inexpensive (only $19.99), comfy solution to prevent Flathead Syndrome.

Tortle was founded by a pediatrician, neonatologist and mother of 4, Dr. Jane Scott.  The Tortle is a machine washable beanie designed to be worn while a child is in a car seat, bouncy seat or swing to offer a healthy range of head motion while keeping baby’s head from flattening. Offered in three sizes, the Tortle is meant to be used from birth until the baby is sitting up on its own. I recommend that every parent (especially those of multiples or any baby that has spent additional time in the hospital) consider purchasing a Tortle for their baby.  The Tortle is the easiest way to prevent Flathead Syndrome while allowing parents to safely follow the American Academy of Pediatric’s important Back to Sleep recommendation.

To learn more and hear from Dr. Jane on the best way to use the Tortle check out this video: Flat Head Syndrome & the Tortle by Dr. Jane

To hear from other moms and their experiences with Flathead Syndrome and the Tortle, check out this video: I wish I’d known – Baby Tortle

Follow Tortle on Facebook ( or Twitter (TortlebyDrJane). To get your own, head over to!

AND we are excited that Dr. Jane and her team are allowing us to giveaway a Tortle (size Small, fits 0-2 months or 5-10 lbs)! To enter just leave a comment below and tell us if you would give the Tortle as a gift or if you are hoping to win for your own baby and we will have a random  drawing on Monday, March 11th at 12noon!

Happy Preventing! xoxo, Julie

One thought on “Preventing Flathead Syndrome with Tortle (and a GIVEAWAY)”

  1. I would be giving it as a gift.
    I wish I would have found this product 5 months ago… if I would have, my baby boy would not have to have a cranial band fitted tomorrow. He has always been a good sleeper during the day and night and would keep his head on it’s right side because he sucks his fingers.

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