Meal Planning Made Easy

Do you find yourself driving home each night wondering what you are going to make for dinner? Or do you spend Saturdays staring at meat defrost knowing you are going to end up with take out again? Or my favorite, do you attempt to throw some unplanned meal together in 20 minutes and get aggravated when no one eats it or guilty when they do and you know it isn’t very nutritious? This can be solved with one inexpensive office supply – a white board! Spend 30 minutes the night before you go grocery shopping and plan out each meal for the next week. This will also help you make an accurate grocery list if you can create that at the same time. If your little one is eating purees this still works…just put a star next to the foods you want to puree from your meal or give baby their own line on the board and plan their jars out.

Planning your meals out for the week and hanging the menu where the whole family can see (hint: Dad can help get dinner started when his late meeting gets canceled) will save you time, take away some stress, ensure you are offering a balanced diet and might even save you a few dollars. Happy Planning!

xoxo, Julie

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