MamaViews is an awesome free online review site for expecting parents looking to find a doula, baby nurse, lactation consultant and/or childbirth class. This is truly invaluable resource for any parent looking to hire these services because you get to hear from real moms and learn from their experiences. If you are thinking about hiring a baby nurse or doula I highly recommend you check out this site.

If you looked here and wondered why there haven’t been as many new blog posts it is because I am happy to announce I am a MamaViews blogger. Each week I am over at MamaViews talking about baby gear, getting ready for baby, organizing and so much more. There are other awesome moms that you will also find talking about everything from pregnancy nutrition to new mom issues to how we get out of the house.

I will still be posting here on more of a monthly basis and we have some fun giveaways coming up! So, if you haven’t already don’t forget to put in your email address so you don’t miss any of the fun from BabyNav and head over to MamaViews so you can follow me and other moms just like you!

Happy Reading! xoxo, Julie

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