Introducing The Mommy Camp

So many times when I talked about how BabyNav came to be I would tell the story of working in Corporate America and creating a gantt chart to ensure I was ready for the arrival of my first baby. Once I did that I found so much solace in being prepared and organized and in the meantime I became obsessed with baby gear. I started creating gantt charts for women who were pregnant that I worked with along with my friends and BabyNav was born.

While I worked on building BabyNav and supporting expecting families I was also caring for my three beautiful kids. For a variety of reasons my kids don’t go to any camps for the summer so for the last seven summers I have run mommy camp at my home. I approached creating mommy camp for them the same way I approached that first gantt chart. My kids love their summers and look forward to our theme weeks. My secret is that while my kids are happy and active and learning I am able to work from home thanks to the simple process and schedule I created.

Since Covid-19 started we (obviously) haven’t been in anyone’s homes to set up their nurseries and haven’t been personal shopping in person with anyone.  In early May I started hearing from so many friends and people around me how they were stressed about the summer and worried their kids would be on screens non-stop. It was then I realized that I should again share my processes and help parents prepare for the summer and The Mommy Camp was born.

The Mommy Camp is simple routines, smart supplies and engaging themes to help parents execute camp at home for kids aged 2-12!  Over the years we have tried countless crafts, activities and recipes and know which ones work and which ones are more work cleaning up than they are worth doing. I know which summer activities keep kids entertained and engaged and I know which ones to avoid. I know which craft supplies and products will survive the summer heat and lots of use. I know which ones will excite your three year old and which ones won’t bore your 12 year old. You don’t have to break the bank filling up your yard with activities and you don’t have to spend your nights scrolling through Pinterest only to find you don’t have all the supplies you need at home. And the best part is that getting all this info from The Mommy Camp is FREE!

Since we launched in June the best part has been to receive emails from BabyNav clients who we helped to build their registry and now they are following our theme week calendars for The Mommy Camp!

Head to to subscribe and each Sunday I will send your weekly theme calendar for a week of memory making.

xo, Julie

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