Don’t be afraid of…

No, not the dark. The Grocery Store! The grocery store is actually a great family outing and can be a fun learning experience for babies and toddlers. Heading to the grocery can even be a good choice for the first few outings for a new baby. Make sure you have a packed diaper bag, a travel changing pad, your nursing cover or the next bottle and of course your shopping list (or you iPhone/iPad with the Grocery iQ app loaded). You can keep your baby cozy and away from germs by keeping him in his infant car seat. However, I know it is tempting but don’t prop the baby up in the child seat of the shopping cart….instead you push one cart with the baby and have your husband grab a second for the food. No matter your baby’s age, he will enjoy the different lights, faces and colors that he gets to experience each week. Once you have a baby that sits up we recommend a shopping cart cover that covers all sides of the seat and includes a safety strap (check out Balboa Baby). Go for style and skip anything with toys…instead keep baby busy by describing all the great colors and textures in the produce section, letting him peak at the lobsters and snuggling in the frozen food section.

Worried about bringing your older children with a new baby? Give him a job depending on his age….older kids can do anything from holding the list to actually loading and uloading the cart. You can keep everyone engaged and get a little help along the way!

Happy Shopping! xoxo, Julie

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