Do I really need a baby planner?

Based on the fact that you are reading this on a baby planning site I know you are probably thinking that the answer to the above question is obviously  “yes” but I would say the answer is “maybe not”. Wait, there is more!

There are some people that truly need the extra care and support but for most people having a baby planner isn’t truly a necessity. However, for almost every family that is expecting having a baby planner can be very beneficial. Having a baby planner can give you valuable time back, can actually save you money (more on that in a minute) and will definitely save you some unnecessary stress.

While baby planners are not medical professionals and should never give you any medical advice they can help you with information on almost any other topic related to your pregnancy, baby gear or getting started with baby at home. Baby planners are often very connected to the community and those that offer services intended for expecting moms and new parents. We call these our “concierge services”  but you may just see these listed as “friends” on other baby planner sites.

Any baby planner that you would work with should have a vast amount of knowledge related to baby gear. Baby planners are able to provide advice on what pieces of gear you need and which ones you simply don’t need to bring into your home (this is where the money saving comes into play) based on your lifestyle. Often when you walk into a store to register for items for your baby shower you are given a very long list of items that you should register for….but no one needs all of that gear! A baby planner can help you determine not only which type of gear but provide recommendations on which brands and products where you would get the most use and value.

Here are a few things clients have said after working with us:
Here are a few things clients have said after working with us:

So how do you get started in the search for and hiring a baby planner? First, there may be very few if any in your immediate area but most baby planners offer some level of their services via email, Skype or over the phone. We are based in New York but have worked with families all over the US and Canada. Check out for a listing of baby planners. Here are a things to think about when hiring a baby planner:

1. Ask them how many clients they have worked with on the specific services that you are interested in.

2. Test their gear knowledge (ask them their thoughts on the latest and greatest). You want them to be 100% up to date on the latest gear that is available and all safety standards.

3. Ask for references and call previous clients.

4. Look up articles they have written and watch any appearances they may have made.

You may decide that having a baby planner come along as you register or as you start to get your nursery in order are what works best for you. You may decide having them help you get your education classes booked and in hiring your nanny will be the most beneficial. Or you may decide after a consultation that there are no services that would be truly beneficial to your family (but I doubt that!).

xo, Julie

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