Dear Kate (an undies review)

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It is an amazing thing that after childbirth most women will tell you that they quickly forget how painful it was (thank you hormones). But for many women there are other labor reminders that can stick around for a long time…especially when you try to work out, laugh hard or sneeze (seriously)! And for some women these issues can even start during pregnancy when baby rests on your bladder!  So I was excited when I heard from the fabulous girls at Dear Kate who told me they had some performance undies that were not only wicking and leak resistant but they were comfy and still managed to be sexy.


These amazing, made in the USA undies have three breathable layers that are stain releasing and machine wasable! Simply put, after three babies I tried them and they work without making me feel like a granny! So start doing your kegel exercises and order some Dear Kate undies with this code for $10 off your first order!


Happy Shopping (and hopefully sneezing without concern)! xo, Julie

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