Introducing The Mommy Camp

So many times when I talked about how BabyNav came to be I would tell the story of working in Corporate America and creating a gantt chart to ensure I was ready for the arrival of my first baby. Once I did that I found so much solace in being prepared and organized and in the meantime I became obsessed with baby gear. I started creating gantt charts for women who were pregnant that I worked with along with my friends and BabyNav was born.

While I worked on building BabyNav and supporting expecting families I was also caring for my three beautiful kids. For a variety of reasons my kids don’t go to any camps for the summer so for the last seven summers I have run mommy camp at my home. I approached creating mommy camp for them the same way I approached that first gantt chart. My kids love their summers and look forward to our theme weeks. My secret is that while my kids are happy and active and learning I am able to work from home thanks to the simple process and schedule I created.

Since Covid-19 started we (obviously) haven’t been in anyone’s homes to set up their nurseries and haven’t been personal shopping in person with anyone.  In early May I started hearing from so many friends and people around me how they were stressed about the summer and worried their kids would be on screens non-stop. It was then I realized that I should again share my processes and help parents prepare for the summer and The Mommy Camp was born.

The Mommy Camp is simple routines, smart supplies and engaging themes to help parents execute camp at home for kids aged 2-12!  Over the years we have tried countless crafts, activities and recipes and know which ones work and which ones are more work cleaning up than they are worth doing. I know which summer activities keep kids entertained and engaged and I know which ones to avoid. I know which craft supplies and products will survive the summer heat and lots of use. I know which ones will excite your three year old and which ones won’t bore your 12 year old. You don’t have to break the bank filling up your yard with activities and you don’t have to spend your nights scrolling through Pinterest only to find you don’t have all the supplies you need at home. And the best part is that getting all this info from The Mommy Camp is FREE!

Since we launched in June the best part has been to receive emails from BabyNav clients who we helped to build their registry and now they are following our theme week calendars for The Mommy Camp!

Head to to subscribe and each Sunday I will send your weekly theme calendar for a week of memory making.

xo, Julie

One Nursery Closet Three Ways

Having an organized nursery where you can see everything, access everything you need without digging and are able to quickly grab exactly what you need can make a really big difference in your day taking care of baby. Unfortunately, custom closets can be really expensive and not always an option when you are already in investing in all new baby gear and not every space and not every nursery closet is created the same.

Thankfully we discovered a closet system that gives you the feeling of a custom closet but at a much more affordable price. We recently installed a nursery closet using a super versatile (and easy to install) system by Modular Closets.  With Modular Closets you can choose from one of their pre-designed closets based on your closet dimensions or choose from their closet sections to build the closet of your dreams. Once we picked the pieces that would work best for our nursery we utilized their free design services and ended up with the nursery closet that worked perfect in our space!

We loved the end result so much we decided to stock it and style it three ways to show you just how versatile it can be in any nursery space. We chose to go with three hanging sections, a cubby section, three shelves and 4 drawers to ensure we could fit everything we needed for this nursery now and still have room for gifts that would be coming and the next size of clothes and diapering needs.

Gender Neutral 

Styling a gender neutral nursery can be challenging but bringing in neutrals through metallics or natural elements like easy to care for plants can bring the space together. Having different size storage baskets is great in this space for swaddles, extra crib sheets, baby’s towels and toys. In this Modular Closets system we chose to utilize three hanging spaces for carriers, clothes and sleep sacks but we could easily add more shelving in those spaces later if we needed.

Super Feminine Nursery

Creating a super feminine nursery doesn’t mean it has to be all pink or purple but you can add soft baskets or blankets to make the nursery perfect for your little girl. In this space we chose to bring in more books, frame an ultrasound photo and highlight some gifts to make this nursery closet feel more personal.

Shared Big Boy/Baby Room

When your new baby needs to share a room with a big brother or sister it is even more important to have an organized nursery. For this shared space we dedicated half the nursery closet for baby’s items and half the closet for big brother’s items. We left more hanging space for big brother’s clothes and baskets below for toys. For baby’s items we incorporated more storage  baskets on the top shelves and lots of organizers in the drawers.

Right now Modular Closets is offering 15% off your order when you use  code “babynav15”. We love this system so much for how easy it is to install, how high quality the materials are, how versatile it is and great it looks in this space. We can’t wait to see this in more clients’ nurseries!

If you want a full review that includes how we designed and installed this nursery closet you can check out our full video review here.

If you are looking for some of the baskets we used or other products to help organize the nursery check out our Amazon Page here.

Happy Nursery! xo, Julie

Disclosure: Modular Closets provided free product for review. However, all opinions are my own.

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2013 Multiplicity Gear Guide

Choosing a stroller is one the biggest things I hear expecting parents struggle with. And for reason. There are so many brands, categories, and features that it is very hard to know what is going to be right for your family. That is why I am really excited to be back as a contributing author for Multiplicity Magazine with the “Tips for finding the perfect double stroller” in their 2013 Gear Guide.

Although this magazine (and this article) is geared toward parents of multiples, this guide is packed full of info that any expecting or new parent can find useful. Read, enjoy and please tell us what you think. Did this help you as you started your stroller shopping?

Happy Reading (and stroller shopping)! xo, Julie

Tuesday Introduction: From Pea to Pumpkin (and a Giveaway!)

I spend a lot of time researching and playing with all kinds of baby gear and baby products but there is one area that I don’t often pay too much attention and that is pregnancy journals and baby books. The reason I never spent much time in that category is that they all felt the same and I typically recommend to my moms that they just find one they enjoy looking through. I remember when I was pregnant with my first child and I was given a journal where I was meant to write him a letter each week. Sadly, when I look back at that now there is little to learn about my pregnancy other than my horrible nausea because I stopped writing letters before my first trimester ended. Even as someone who loves to write, I just ran out of ideas!

I am excited to say that I was recently introduced to an easy to use, idea generating, beautifully illustrated, whimsical pregnancy journal, From Pea to Pumpkin! This journal provides watercolors of everyone’s favorite fruit and veggie examples of how your baby is growing! But for me, the best part of this journal are the questions that it asks each week to prompt you to think about new things. One of my favorites comes at week 37 – “When I lay awake at night I think about____”.  There are so many amazing things that happen on a pregnancy journey but there are also so many changes and this journal gives you a chance to capture it all. And I am super excited that the author Geralyn Broder Murray was kind enough to sit down with us and tell us a little more about From Pea to Pumpkin!

  • What was your inspiration to write the From Pea to Pumpkin pregnancy journal?

I really wish I remembered more about my pregnancies with my now six and nine year olds. I thought it would be lovely to create something special for those nine (ten?!) months.

  • Tell us about the beautiful artwork…did you really only learn to draw at 40?

Yes! Well, still learning. I’ve got produce somewhat down though.

  • Beyond the pregnancy journal can you describe the great community that surrounds Pea to Pumpkin?

I’ve loved growing with the online Facebook community of moms – such a nurturing lovely group over at

  • What does your daily schedule look like? How do you divide your time and priorities between your children, your husband, your home and Pea to Pumpkin?

Oh dear, I don’t really. Some days are less crazy than others, but it’s mostly a nutty, not so balanced act helped out by a wonderfully sweet husband and two pretty terrific kids. I’m often stressed, thinking that I’m messing up most of it. Normal, right?

  • Is there one piece of advice you would give to an expecting or new Mom?

Be patient/kind with/to yourself. Just getting up and caring for you and your baby is huge – you are doing great.

  • Is there one piece of gear that you would tell a new Mom that she needs to have (besides the journal of course)?

A baby swing – or a permanent extra pair of helping hands, whichever you happen have access to most frequently.

  •  Here are a few tips from Geralyn on ways to use the journal:

-Carry the pregnancy journal in your purse – this way you can jot down a few notes very quickly while waiting at a doctor’s appointment/car wash/check-out line.

-Be candid.  This journal is for you and you alone. Don’t be afraid to share what’s really happening with you and your baby; you don’t want to look back on simply a good pregnancy story – you want to look back on your pregnancy story.

Thanks Geralyn for giving us a peak into From Pea to Pumpkin! The journal is available now at Amazon, Babies ‘R Us, and Barnes&Noble. One lucky BabyNav reader will win a From Pea to Pumpkin pregnancy journal! To enter leave a comment below and tell us one thing you would make sure to include in the journal about your pregnancy story.

We will have a random drawing on Monday, March 18th! Good luck!

Happy Writing! xoxo, Julie


Baby Gear: Table for Two Please!

Necessity is the mother of invention!

I don’t think anyone understands this saying as well as a M.O.M. (Mother of Multiples)! A M.O.M. learns to take two pieces of gear that are not made to go together such as a Boppy pillow and a bouncy seat, add a receiving blanket (or 6) and suddenly have the “perfect” system to feed twins at once! I clearly remember the times when my twins (who had major acid reflux) were still bottle feeding and I would sit on the floor holding one in the nook of my left arm holding her bottle with my left hand and have my son sitting propped up in a Boppy with a pillow and feeding him with my right arm. Each time they needed to be burped I would have to attempt to reposition them and get the bottle back to them before they started screaming or got bored. Of course each time I did this the phone rang, my older son needed to sit on the potty or I would get a cramp in my arm. THANKFULLY, someone finally came along with an amazing product to save M.O.M.s from inventing their own feeding system (which leaves more time to invent systems to entertain twins while you shower). Table for Two is a beautiful, well designed and thoughtful piece of gear that should be at the top of any must-have list for a new M.O.M.

With its safety straps, arm rests, bottle holders and washable inserts, the functionality of this is unmatched with any other piece of gear available. Table for Two can be used to bottle feed, as a lounge seat and for the first solid feedings.

With all that functionality it still looks great! There are more than 25 options for the decorative inserts. Check out this navy and pale pink option for boy/girl twins.

If you have twins now, are expecting twins or need to buy a great gift for someone expecting twins, I strongly recommend adding Table for Two to your list of gear to purchase! And, thank you to Super-M.O.M. Lindsey for bringing us Table for Two!

Happy Feeding!

xoxo, Julie

7 Things While You Wait

The nursery is stocked and organized, the layette has all been washed, the car seat is installed, your bag is packed…and you have 3 weeks left before your due date. Instead of watching the clock go by, check out this list of 7 to-dos to pass the time!

1. Start your baby book! There are plenty of sections that can be completed before baby’s arrival. If the standard printed baby book isn’t for you, check out these apps…

Ourkids: Family Journal, Memory & Baby Book. This app is very basic and won’t replace your baby book but it will allow you to capture events along with an attached photo and will even track the event location using your GPS. Later you can take the notes and put them into your book. $2.99

Sweet Baby. This app is also basic but if cutting, gluing and stickers just aren’t your thing you can use this to replace the traditional baby book. It allows for multiple books and you can upload videos as well as photos. Free

2. Cook and freeze 3 meals. There are some basics like don’t try to freeze fruits, veggies, dairy or pasta as they can change texture (yuck). But since you have some time on your hands, do some research on the “Easy Freezer Meals Method”…reading it reminds me of extreme couponing but there are great tips on meals that will actually be tasty once thawed.

3. Take nursery stocking and organization one step further. Pack your diaper bag for the first outing, sterilize the pacifiers, take the seal off the diaper cream, etc. Look for all these little items that you can do now to reduce frustration later.

4. Pre-write the text, Facebook post, email, tweet, etc that you want your husband/partner to send to friends and family.

5. Finish any thank you notes left over from your shower and start the next round. Take a simple pack of 12 note cards and write your return address and stamp them. You can fill in the details as you get gifts later.

6. Select your announcements. You won’t have hours to pour over Tiny Prints, Etsy or Minted once the baby arrives but now you can take your time and narrow down the announcements you love.

7. You stocked up for baby but did you stock up for you? Head to your favorite wholesale club and stock up on paper towels, toilet paper and other household basics! If shopping out and about is getting tough head to While you are there check out AmazonMom where you can get exclusive discounts and savings on diapers and other baby care basics.

Oh…and of course RELAX! Happy Waiting!

xoxo, Julie

Meal Planning Made Easy

Do you find yourself driving home each night wondering what you are going to make for dinner? Or do you spend Saturdays staring at meat defrost knowing you are going to end up with take out again? Or my favorite, do you attempt to throw some unplanned meal together in 20 minutes and get aggravated when no one eats it or guilty when they do and you know it isn’t very nutritious? This can be solved with one inexpensive office supply – a white board! Spend 30 minutes the night before you go grocery shopping and plan out each meal for the next week. This will also help you make an accurate grocery list if you can create that at the same time. If your little one is eating purees this still works…just put a star next to the foods you want to puree from your meal or give baby their own line on the board and plan their jars out.

Planning your meals out for the week and hanging the menu where the whole family can see (hint: Dad can help get dinner started when his late meeting gets canceled) will save you time, take away some stress, ensure you are offering a balanced diet and might even save you a few dollars. Happy Planning!

xoxo, Julie