6 Tips for a Happy Road Trip with Baby

1. Make sure to pack lots of extra items in the diaper bag and keep it in an easy place to access. Try to keep a portion of the back seat or the back of your van or SUV clear for diaper changes that need to happen when you can’t get to a clean changing table. The Vianetic diaper bag has a built in change pad so you know you have a clean place to easily change baby no matter where you are on the road.

2. Make sure to keep safety your first priority by keeping your little one properly secured into their car seat at all times. To avoid your baby getting overly cranky, build extra time into your trip for stops to get out of the car seat and stretch their little legs. Check out Map of Play, which will allow you to search for local parks and playgrounds near where you are. When you head out on your road trip make sure you dress baby in soft, breathable clothes to ensure they don’t get overheated or uncomfortable.
3. Snacks, snacks and more snacks. If your baby has started to eat solids pack plenty of snacks to fight of any “hangry” tantrums.  Snacks also means bringing lots of wipes and small garbage bags so you can keep your kids and your car somewhat clean on the road. Try this snack container from Ubbi to avoid messes.
4. Make sure you never become a distracted driver on your road trip. Start by packing all your items like snacks and water within arm’s reach. Make sure you have a hands-free device for your phone ready to go before you hit the road. Despite what you may think, avoid using rear view baby mirrors. These mirrors seem like a good idea but every second you are staring at your baby in that mirror means you aren’t looking at the road ahead.

5. If your time on the road interferes with nap time bring items to comfort your baby and help them sleep on the road and keep their schedule. The Marpac Hushh White Sound Machine is portable and offers three sound options to choose from. You can use this to help baby sleep at your destination and while you are on the road.

6. Wipes, wipes and more wipes. On the road wipes will be used for diaper changes, cleaning up after snacks and meals, cleaning your car, wiping messy faces and cleaning up just about any spill that comes so pack lots. Water Wipes are made with 99.9% water so you can feel good about using tons of these.

Happy Travels! xo, Julie

One Nursery Closet Three Ways

Having an organized nursery where you can see everything, access everything you need without digging and are able to quickly grab exactly what you need can make a really big difference in your day taking care of baby. Unfortunately, custom closets can be really expensive and not always an option when you are already in investing in all new baby gear and not every space and not every nursery closet is created the same.

Thankfully we discovered a closet system that gives you the feeling of a custom closet but at a much more affordable price. We recently installed a nursery closet using a super versatile (and easy to install) system by Modular Closets.  With Modular Closets you can choose from one of their pre-designed closets based on your closet dimensions or choose from their closet sections to build the closet of your dreams. Once we picked the pieces that would work best for our nursery we utilized their free design services and ended up with the nursery closet that worked perfect in our space!

We loved the end result so much we decided to stock it and style it three ways to show you just how versatile it can be in any nursery space. We chose to go with three hanging sections, a cubby section, three shelves and 4 drawers to ensure we could fit everything we needed for this nursery now and still have room for gifts that would be coming and the next size of clothes and diapering needs.

Gender Neutral 

Styling a gender neutral nursery can be challenging but bringing in neutrals through metallics or natural elements like easy to care for plants can bring the space together. Having different size storage baskets is great in this space for swaddles, extra crib sheets, baby’s towels and toys. In this Modular Closets system we chose to utilize three hanging spaces for carriers, clothes and sleep sacks but we could easily add more shelving in those spaces later if we needed.

Super Feminine Nursery

Creating a super feminine nursery doesn’t mean it has to be all pink or purple but you can add soft baskets or blankets to make the nursery perfect for your little girl. In this space we chose to bring in more books, frame an ultrasound photo and highlight some gifts to make this nursery closet feel more personal.

Shared Big Boy/Baby Room

When your new baby needs to share a room with a big brother or sister it is even more important to have an organized nursery. For this shared space we dedicated half the nursery closet for baby’s items and half the closet for big brother’s items. We left more hanging space for big brother’s clothes and baskets below for toys. For baby’s items we incorporated more storage  baskets on the top shelves and lots of organizers in the drawers.

Right now Modular Closets is offering 15% off your order when you use  code “babynav15”. We love this system so much for how easy it is to install, how high quality the materials are, how versatile it is and great it looks in this space. We can’t wait to see this in more clients’ nurseries!

If you want a full review that includes how we designed and installed this nursery closet you can check out our full video review here.

If you are looking for some of the baskets we used or other products to help organize the nursery check out our Amazon Page here.

Happy Nursery! xo, Julie

Disclosure: Modular Closets provided free product for review. However, all opinions are my own.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means, we may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase something from a link we post because we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything. We appreciate your support!

Moving to Solids

One of the stages that I can remember being most confused and concerned about when my oldest son (who is now 10) was a baby was transitioning to solid food. I was so unsure how to start, when to start, what gear I needed to start and what exactly I should be feeding him. The one thing that I did know for sure was that I wanted him to have real fruits and veggies and not a lot of fillers.

This was such a big step for me that we decided to feed him his first puree at Christmas with our whole family there (I even got him a special Santa bib). He absolutely loved the bright orange carrot puree and went on to be an amazing little eater but I never stopped worrying about what was in the food that I was feeding him or his little brother and sister.

Now when I am working with clients and we are picking out high chairs, bibs and feeding sets I am also really excited to be able to recommend Beech-Nut® Naturals™. Beech-Nut® Naturals™ is a line of baby food purees that is inspired by homemade, made with real fruits and real veggies.

How many times have you been in your grocery store and looked at a label and you weren’t able to pronounce many of the ingredients? With Beech-Nut® Naturals™ that isn’t the case because each jar is made only with simple, 100% natural ingredients.

We love that Beech-Nut® Naturals™ is accessible and available right in our local grocery store and that it is something that parents can easily grab to feed their babies and feel great about it! Beech-Nut® Naturals™ is really simply real food for babies™!

When your doctor advises your baby is ready (typically around 4 months) to start solids you can pick up the Stage 1 which are simple single ingredient jars such as:

  • Just Sweet potatoes
  • Just Apples
  • Bananas
  • Just Carrots
  • Just Green Beans
  • Just Butternut Squash
  • Prunes

Once your baby has conquered Stage 1 you can move to the Stage 2 (typically around 6 months) which  introduces perfect pairings of two or more foods:

  • Just Pear & Blueberry
  • Banana Orange Pineapple
  • Just Apple & Kale
  • Apple & Pumpkin
  • Just Sweet Corn & Green Beans
  • Just Carrot, Corn & Pumpkin
  • Just Spinach, Zucchini & Peas
  • Apple, Cinnamon & Granola

Have you started solid foods with your baby yet? If so, what was the food you chose as your baby’s first food?

xo, Julie

This post is sponsored by Beech-Nut® Naturals™ but the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

News from ABC Kids Expo 2018…Baby Gear Coming Soon!

This week in Las Vegas is the ABC Kids Expo 2018 which is the chance for juvenile brands to showcase their latest and greatest products. This is also the chance for retailers, the general baby gear community and baby gear nerds like me to see what will be coming out later this year and in 2019. This is where the most innovative baby gear launches and we get to see the latest trends in baby gear. Below are just a few of our favorite baby gear products that are coming out of ABC (be sure to come back as we update this post through October 11th):

nuna cudl

(Image credit: Nuna)

From the brand that brought us the Leaf and changed the way we looked at bouncers and the uber popular Nuna Pipa infant car seats comes their latest innovation with the Nuna Cudl Baby Carrier.  The Cudl is 3-in-1 carrier (front facing inward, front facing outward, back) with an integrated infant booster so there is no need for a seperate infant insert. The padded shoulder straps feature magnetic buckles to ensure super easy and secure closures. A storage pouch, built in hood and two infant bibs make this carrier easy for parents to use! (Available early 2019)

Uppababy knox

(Image Credit: Car Seats for the Littles)

The UPPABaby Vista and Cruz changed the game when it came to strollers and have had the competition chasing them for years. The UPPABaby Mesa has been a popular infant car seat for parents to use seamlessly with the Vista but now UPPAbaby is bringing us the next step with the UPPABaby Knox Convertible car seat. We don’t have too many details yet but we do know it features visual confirmation that the car seat is installed correctly, a nine position no-rethread hardness and a multi-directional tether. The Knox will be available in four fashions. (Available Summer 2019)

clek liing

(Image Credit: Clek)

Clek is known for their innovation in safety, fabrics and fashions when it comes to convertible seats and booster seats so we have anxiously been awaiting their latest announcement that they are launching an infant car seat. The Clek Liing is suitable for babies from 4-35 lbs, weighs 9 lbs, offers a European belt path and a load leg.  (Available February 2019)

Halo DreamNest

(Image Credit: Halo)

Halo has always been a leader in sleep safety and now they are offering a product that is not only for safe sleep but also may help babies and parents get more sleep. The Halo DreamNest 3-in-1 grows with your child from a rocking bassinet, to portable crib to travel cot. It features an open air sleep system with breathable mesh mattress and the EasySway rocker attachment allows you to gently soothe your baby to sleep. The bassinet attachement and EasySway rocker attachment work with your baby up to 15 pounds. (Available January 2019)

silver cross coast

The Silver Cross Coast is the latest in the single to double stroller game! The Coast is lighter and more streamlined than the Wave by Silver Cross which will have a lot of new parents celebrating. With the addition of the tandem seats and car seat adapters (it is currently compatible with Maxi Cosi, Nuna and Cybex) there are 17 total configurations. With the Coast you still get all the beauty and manufacturing expertise that Silver Cross brings. This stroller has a black frame with black chrome features and a textured fabric including an ombre seat fabric. Bassinet Included. (Available for pre-order now)

Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh Omni 360 Review

October 1 – 7th, 2018 is International Baby Wearing which is a week-long opportunity to celebrate, promote and advocate for the many benefits of baby wearing. From slings, to wraps to soft-structured carriers there are products at all price points and fashions that make baby wearing work for all types of families. You can grab one of our favorites (as well as a few great accessories) here!

There are so many proven benefits to baby wearing…

  • Strengthens the bond between you and baby
  • Allows you to get things done hands free (BIG bonus if you have older kids)
  • Reduces infant crying!!!
  • Aids in baby’s physical and emotional development
  • Promotes early language development

If we had to name one winner in the soft-structured carrier game this week it would be the all new Ergobaby Omni Cool Air Mesh 360! Thanks to the comfy, personalized fit and cool mesh fabric you can carry baby and be hands free longer. It is super easy to switch baby from facing in to facing out thanks to the quick sliders. The Ergobaby Omni Cool Air Mesh 360 works with your newborn at 7lbs up to your toddler at 45lbs and requires no infant insert. Check out our full video review…

Happy Carrying! xo, Julie


Disclosure: Ergobaby provided free product for review. However, all opinions are my own.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means, we may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase something from a link we post because we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything. We appreciate your support!

Top 5 Picks From The New York Baby Show

This last weekend was the New York Baby Show which is the largest show for new and expecting parents in the country and of course we had to go check it out. Whether they were testing out strollers on the stroller track, listening to one of the expert seminars or just checking out all the gear there was definitely an energetic buzz from the more than 5000 attendees at this year’s show.  There were so many great brands and our favorite pieces of gear were there but the below were my top 5 new finds:

  1. Summer Infant 3D PAC cs+ – Over the last year we have seen an explosion of great travel or lightweight strollers! The Summer Infant 3D PAC cs+ is one that is full of great features with a tiny fold and Summer Infant has still managed to keep the price low. This stroller weighs in at only 16 lbs, offers a belly bar, adjustable footrest, extra storage pocket and comes with both a cell phone holder and cup holder. Like many of these strollers, the fold is the star of the Summer Infant 3D PAC cs+ with a one hand, self standing fold that includes a shoulder strap. Oh and did we mention it is compatible with Graco and Chicco car seats (with the use of built-in straps)? All of this and the Summer Infant 3D PAC cs+ only retails for $149. You can purchase it now here and to see our video of the fold head here.
  2. La Petitie Creme – French moms don’t use baby wipes – who knew?? Instead French moms use a reusable cloth and a cream or lotion to clean their little ones at each diaper change. Honestly, at first I was a little skeptical but once I felt this 100% all natural alternative to baby wipes I was totally sold!  La Petite Creme is made with only five ingredients; Olive Oil, Water, Limewater, Beeswax, Glycerin and Vitamin E. You simply put a small amount on a cloth and then wipe your little ones bottom like you normally would with a wipe. What is left behind is a super soft oily residue that works as a preventive diaper cream. You can purchase yours here.                                              
  3. Romp & Roost – Moms of multiples this one is for you!! Romp & Roost is stylish, over-sized play area or sleep space. This play yard includes a patented, removable divider that separates the space into two spacious spaces with an airy mess fabric. The Romp & Roost features large wheels with brakes and a convenient carry bag making it perfect for trips to grandma. This is one of those pieces of gear that is simple but super smart and you can purchase it now here.                                                                                                 
  4. Maxi-Cosi Magellan-Max 5-in-1 – This new seat by Maxi-Cosi may truly be the only car seat you ever need to buy as this car seat will grow with your child from birth up to 120 pounds (or to the end of the 10 year warranty which ever comes first). Thanks to the 7 recline positions, 3-level back shell height adjustments, no rethread harness with a magnetic chest clip and 14-point head rest adjustments you can ensure your child is always in the safest and most comfortable position. This seat can be used rear facing from 5-40 lbs, forward facing from 22-65 lbs and in booster mode from 40-120 lbs (in booster mode there is a great compartment to store away the harness). The Magellan Max 5-in-1 includes two dishwasher safe cup holders and all the fabric is removable and machine washable and dryer safe. Yep…machine washable and dryer safe! This is still in pre-order but we will update as soon as it starts shipping soon. 
  5. Babo Botanicals – Pure, organic, solution oriented, natural, non-toxic, effective and safe are all things parents want in products going on their baby’s skin and Babo Botanicals are all of those! Whether your baby has eczema or simply dry skin or you just want an effective sunscreen that is going to be safe for your little one Babo Botanicals has the right product. These smell amazing, they feel amazing on your skin and they can be used for the whole family. Babo Botanicals also offers amazing products for mom like tinted suncreens, stretch mark oil and lip tints. You can purchase your newborn set and more here.

Special thanks to Mom Trends for having us in the comfy VIP/Blogger Lounge and for a great lunch!

xo, Julie


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Best St. Patrick’s Day Baby Gear (and some for mom too)

On St. Patrick’s Day we are all a little bit Irish! We have selected our favorite green gear to make sure you and baby are safe from pinches. And as a bonus we found all these on Amazon and they are all available with Prime so you can be sure they will arrive on time!

From cribs to bibs and everything in between check out our list of more than 35 green products on our Amazon Influencer page HERE! Don’t wait…some of these items are selling out quickly!

xo, Julie


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means, we may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase something from a link we post because we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything. We appreciate your support!

Stylish (and Still Safe) Baby Proofing Products

Safety is always a priority but over the month of September it gets extra attention because it is Baby Safety Month. Baby gear and making sure parents know how to use baby gear safely is a real passion for me but safety doesn’t end there. There are a lot less glamorous things to talk about when it comes to safety (and yes, toilet locks are on that list). Check out the below for some of our favorite baby  gear products that are super safe and functional but also come with a look that you won’t mind:

  1. Puj Snug Spout Cover – This ultra soft, flexible and mildew resistant spout cover will not only keep your little one safe in the tub but its modern design will keep you and baby happy.
  2. Qdos Crystal Gate – Made with professional acrylic and tested to meet the most rigorous safety standards, the Qdos Crystal Gate brings a contemporary modern design to match the beauty of your home.
  3. West Elm Walton Ottoman – Instead of constantly worrying about your little one bumping into the corners of your coffee table go for something softer. The Walton Ottoman offers a double padded cushion and is big enough for your coffee table needs or to just put your tired feet up.
  4. Rhoost Table Corner Guards – Whether you need to protect your little walker against the edges of your kitchen countertops, your dining room table or your coffee table the Rhoost Corner Guards will adjust to fit and won’t damage your furniture by using adhesive.
  5. Safety Baby Self-Closing Outlet Cover – These covers will fully replace your outlet covers to ensure the utmost safety while also leaving you without plugs all over your house.
  6. Little Nomad Playmat – These non-toxic foam mats are made with interlocking 2 x 2 tiles to create a beautiful surface that is safe for baby to roll and play while looking amazing in your home.

xo, Julie

Note: These items are only a small list of the items you need to fully baby proof your home and does not cover everything needed to keep baby safe. Always follow manufacturers directions and if needed hire a professional baby proofer. 

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means, we may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase something from a link we post because we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything. We appreciate your support!

Baby Products New Parents DO NOT Need

Choosing the gear that you will add to your baby registry can be a fun and exciting process but realizing the amount of baby gear available can become quickly overwhelming. While you want to make sure you have all the essentials you also don’t want to end up with a bunch of stuff that you don’t need and won’t use. Check out the list below of the items you can skip so you can focus on the baby gear products that are going to be best for your family.

Wipe warmer. While it can be enticing to think that you are buying something that would keep your little one’s bottom nice and warm and make them more comfortable a wipe warmer just isn’t necessary. First of all, wipe warmers aren’t portable so you don’t want to get baby used to only warm wipes and then have to change their diaper on the go and use regular out of the package wipes. There are also several wipe warmers on the market that will actually dry out your wipes and with each pack you put in you will end up throwing a quarter of them in the garbage. Stick to storing packs of wipes in a great organizer along with all the diapers and creams.

Crib bumpers and bulky bedding sets. Not only do you not need crib bumpers or any other bulky bedding it is a danger that you simply shouldn’t use. The state of Maryland, the city of Chicago and other US cities have actually banned the sale of crib bumpers because there are so dangerous to infants. Bedding sets often come with a quilt that you also should not put in the crib and a diaper stacker that no one actually stores diapers in. Stick to a tightly fitting crib sheet and if you are looking for a little more décor on the crib you can always add a crib skirt.

Baby walkers. These products are often marketed to parents as something that will help babies learn to walk but the opposite is actually true. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents do not use walkers because they actually discourage babies to learn to walk and they are dangerous. This one might seem like a fun toy for baby and a way to give baby some independence but they are dangerous as babies can fall down stairs or reach dangerous items while in them. Stick to a stationary exersaucer but limit the use to 15 minutes each session.

Car seat mirrors. You may think buying a car seat mirror will help keep your baby safe because you can keep an eye on them while you are in the car. However, you simply don’t need a car seat mirror because it actually takes your eyes off the road which is where they should be at all times. Driving the car with a crying baby, laughing baby or baby throwing things can be distracting enough that you don’t need to buy something else to make you even more distracted. Stick to only using products with your baby’s car seat that are manufactured by the same manufacturer as the car seat.

Movement monitors or wearable baby monitors. Unless you know that your child is going to be coming home after a stay in the NICU, will be born small or will have a medical issue you don’t need a movement monitor or a wearable monitor that tracks things like your baby’s oxygen level or heart rate. New parents have a lot of things to think about and worry about and adding these things can simply drive parents crazy especially by giving data that will just increase anxiety. Stick to a great video monitor with features such as pan and zoom and a great night vision camera.

Did you buy anything for your first baby that you never used?

xo, Julie




Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means, we may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase something from a link we post because we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything. We appreciate your support!

Amazon Prime Day 2017 – Deals on Maternity and Baby Products

Tomorrow (actually it starts tonight at 9pm EST) is like Christmas in July…it is Amazon Prime day! First and foremost, in order to take advantage of the amazing deals that will be happening during this 30 hours of deals you have to be an Amazon Prime member. You can even just start with a 30-day trial which you can do here. As a busy mom, I can’t imagine not taking advantage of Amazon Prime…in addition to the free two day shipping, we love the free movie selections and I have just switched to using Amazon for the unlimited photo storage.

But as great as Amazon Prime Day is it can also be overwhelming combing through all the deals! So…check back here throughout the day where I will be posting as many great deals on products that we love that I can find. I am hoping for lots of great deals on all things baby gear!

First, sign up for Prime and then check back here for all the great deals on all things maternity and baby!!

1. Amazon Echo Dot – this may not seem like an obvious baby item but it is so great for the nursery. The Echo can be used for a timer, to make your shopping lists hands free while you are nursing baby and even play white noise for baby to go to sleep. Prime Day Deal for only $34.99

2. Quinny Buzz Xtra 2.0 – this stroller is amazing for the fashion forward family on the go! It is a single stroller that is super easy to fold and has all-terrain, never go flat tires! I love the fabrics on the stroller and this deal is amazing! Normally $599.99 but the Prime Day Deal is for only $209-$319 (depending on the color). This one won’t last so I would get this one fast!

3. Spray Pal and Cloth Diaper Sprayer Bundle – if you are a cloth diapering family there is no doubt you need the Spray Pal!! Prime Day Deal for only $59.96.  UPDATE – SOLD OUT
4. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One (Denim Gray) – This is one of our favorite 4-position carriers and it does NOT require an infant insert! Prime Day Deal only $111.03 (normally $189.95) UPDATE – SOLD OUT but price is only back up to $121.59 which is still 36% off!

5. Skip Hop Bath Toys & Accessories – Skip Hop definitely makes some of our fav products because they are well made, smart (yes that means easy for parents to use) and easy to clean.

The Moby bath Kneeler is normally $16 but with the Prime Day Deal you get an extra 20% off at checkout.



Moby Bath Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser is already on sale for $8.00 and with the Prime Day Deal you get an extra 20% off at checkout.


The Moby Bath Spout Cover Universal Fit is already  on sale for $10.40 and with the Prime Day Deal you get an extra 20% off at checkout.


Dunck Stacking Bath Toys are normally $7.00 but with the Prime Day Deal you get an extra 20% off at checkout. 
6. Ingrid & Isabel Pleated Tank Maternity Dress – this is one of our absolute favorite maternity dresses. It is perfect for summer and looks great on ANY size. You can dress this up or down throughout your pregnancy. Normally $100 and it is already on sale for $88 but then with the Prime Day Deal you get an extra 30% off at checkout! 

7. LILLEbaby 3-1 CarryOn All Seasons Toddler Carrier (Black) – This is an amazing toddler carrier that will allow you to carry your child up to 60 pounds! This carrier has a ton of padding so it is super comfy for parents but also has a temperature control panel to ensure your toddler is comfy as well. Normally $169.99 but with this Prime Day Deal it is only $126.99. UPDATE – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

8. GB Pockit Stroller– Yes, that is right…the stroller that has the Guinness World Record for the smallest fold, weights only 9.5 lbs and will fit in the overhead bin (it will probably fit right in your backpack) is in on this deal too! You can use this stroller from 6-months up until your child is 55 lbs. Normally $179.95 but you can get this amazing little stroller for $135 with this Prime Day Deal!  UPDATE – Only Capri Blue and Posh Pink available at Prime Deal price.

9. Baby Bjorn Cradle – This is a favorite of so many of our clients. This beautiful cradle is soft and breathable and offers a gentle rocking/bouncing motion for your baby. The materials are fully washable and weighing in at only 13 pounds it can be moved around your house. This can be used from birth up until 6 months. Normally $349.95 but you can get this beauty for $223 with the Prime Day Deal. UPDATE – SOLD OUT

10. Diono Rainier All-In-One Convertible Car Seat (Black Mist) – This car seat will grow with your baby from birth to booster: rear-facing from 5-50 lbs., forward-facing from 20-90 lbs. in a five-point harness, and booster mode from 50-120 lbs. (up to 57″ tall). This is ideal for parents who don’t want to use an infant seat in the beginning and/or for parents of multiples who might be looking for a more narrow convertible seat. This seat is already on sale for $264.74 and then with the Prime Day Deal you get another 20% off at checkout! 

11. ezpz Mini Mat – One-piece silicone placemat + plate (Coral) – if you have ever used the ezpz or even seen the demonstration you know why it has its name and why it is a must have in toddler feeding. Prime Day Deal for $15.96 (and you better hurry because this won’t last). 

12. BOB Revolution Flex 2016 (Single and Duallie) Red -BOB is the leader in jogging strollers and for good reason. The state of the art suspension and air filled tires make this a smooth ride no matter the terrain. The Flex offers an adjustable handlebar and the seat padding ensures baby is comfy for your long runs. With the Prime Day Deal both the Single and Duallie are 20% off. 
13. BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft (Black/Gray, Mesh) – This is one of our favorite bouncy seats because it is super light weight so you can easily move it from room to room and if company is coming over it lays flat and you can slid it under the couch. Baby will love it because the mesh keeps them cool and with a simple kick of their legs they will make themselves bounce. Already on sale for $168.78 this is going to be an even better deal with the Prime Day Deal goes live at 11:40!  UPDATE – SOLD OUT
14. Project Nursery Parent + Baby Smartband (Black) – Think of your Fitbit but now think of it also holding all the info that you need to keep track of fetal movements and doctor appointments too. Once you have baby you can keep track of diaper changes, naps and feedings! This is a must have for a modern parent. Already on sale for $79.99 and for this Prime Day Deal it is down to $69.99 which is 53% off the original price! 

15. Rubbermaid Storage – I realize this also isn’t a baby product but a baby definitely comes with a lot of stuff and a lot of that stuff they quickly outgrow and you will want to store….and storage can be expensive. These big rubbermaid storage containers are already on sale for $19.11 and with the Prime Day Deal you get another 20% off at checkout. 

16. Ergobaby 360 (Dewy Grey) – This is Ergo’s only 4 position carrier and it works from 12 pounds up until 33 pounds. This carrier will ensure your baby is in the right position and that you are super comfortable carrying. Normally $159.00 with the Prime Day Deal it is only $128.00. 
17. Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set – Whether you already use Mustela on your own little one or need a gift for an upcoming baby shower, grabbing this for 30% is a great deal. Prime Day Deal for only $31.49. (This one is going FAST)
18. Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard – This is a great option for trips to the beach or park this summer. This is super easy to set up and take down which makes it ideal for travel. Prime Day Deal for only $43.99. 
19. Dr. Brown’s Options Bottle, 4 Ounce (4 pack) – Bottles can be surprisingly expensive, especially when you realize how many you need so I would hurry and grab this deal on 4 bottles by Dr. Browns. We love these bottles because they remove more air than any other bottle but if you don’t have a gassy baby and that isn’t a concern you can remove the inner tube for easier cleaning. Prime Day Deal for $18.39. 

NOTE – don’t be tempted to grab a deal on something you don’t need or really want! The deals are great but you do not want a house full of baby gear you don’t use and doesn’t really work for your family!




Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means, we may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase something from a link we post because we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything. We appreciate your support!