Be the best mom you can be – that is it!

As Mother’s Day approaches I have been thinking a lot about being a Mom and reading lots of parenting articles but today I just need to stand up for Moms everywhere…every Mom. I have read one too many articles lately that have slammed Moms for their use of Pinterest or their perfect parties or their perfect whatever….there is ALWAYS a trend in parenting and for some reason commiserating in our own agony of having the worst labor story, wearing yoga pants, going to the bathroom with a toddler, admitting to yelling and hating that “Pinterest worthy Mom” has become a big trend. Since when did trying your best become so bad?

Be the Mom you want to be. If you want to be on the floor rolling around with no plan but lots of love and energy or you want to plan a perfectly age appropriate, creative and beautiful craft then do it and don’t feel guilty.

As long as you are trying your best and giving your love (and what mom isn’t) then you are doing great. Amazing really! Being a Mom has never been easy but in the world of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and blogs it is not only hard but it is scrutinized with a strange and ever changing lense.

I remember being at the park when my kids were 3, 2 and 2 and I felt pretty good. We were out of the house, everyone was in clean clothes, we had a nutritious snack, no one was whining and I was dressed in something other than yoga pants. I felt good until I saw the perfectly worked out body of the mom happily pushing her son on the swings wearing gorgeous wedges and white jeans. I suddenly felt less than adequate. BUT why? This picture of her was like any post on Facebook…it was only one moment of her day and who knows what her other 23 hrs and 59 minutes looked like.

I think we should share the good, bad and ugly of parenting. We should share the moments of agony and defeat but we should also be allowed to celebrate the moments we do actually nail parenting. We should be able to say today I did it…today I got to everything on my to-do list and I didn’t yell just like we should be able to say today I wasn’t the best mom I can be but I will try again tomorrow. BUT what we have to stop doing is slamming the Mom that we think has it together because I can guarantee that she doesn’t. None of us do. But we all have moments we are nailing and we should celebrate that.

So do your thing for your family and I guarantee your kids think you are the best! Happy Mother’s Day!

xo, Julie

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