Baby Products New Parents DO NOT Need

Choosing the gear that you will add to your baby registry can be a fun and exciting process but realizing the amount of baby gear available can become quickly overwhelming. While you want to make sure you have all the essentials you also don’t want to end up with a bunch of stuff that you don’t need and won’t use. Check out the list below of the items you can skip so you can focus on the baby gear products that are going to be best for your family.

Wipe warmer. While it can be enticing to think that you are buying something that would keep your little one’s bottom nice and warm and make them more comfortable a wipe warmer just isn’t necessary. First of all, wipe warmers aren’t portable so you don’t want to get baby used to only warm wipes and then have to change their diaper on the go and use regular out of the package wipes. There are also several wipe warmers on the market that will actually dry out your wipes and with each pack you put in you will end up throwing a quarter of them in the garbage. Stick to storing packs of wipes in a great organizer along with all the diapers and creams.

Crib bumpers and bulky bedding sets. Not only do you not need crib bumpers or any other bulky bedding it is a danger that you simply shouldn’t use. The state of Maryland, the city of Chicago and other US cities have actually banned the sale of crib bumpers because there are so dangerous to infants. Bedding sets often come with a quilt that you also should not put in the crib and a diaper stacker that no one actually stores diapers in. Stick to a tightly fitting crib sheet and if you are looking for a little more décor on the crib you can always add a crib skirt.

Baby walkers. These products are often marketed to parents as something that will help babies learn to walk but the opposite is actually true. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents do not use walkers because they actually discourage babies to learn to walk and they are dangerous. This one might seem like a fun toy for baby and a way to give baby some independence but they are dangerous as babies can fall down stairs or reach dangerous items while in them. Stick to a stationary exersaucer but limit the use to 15 minutes each session.

Car seat mirrors. You may think buying a car seat mirror will help keep your baby safe because you can keep an eye on them while you are in the car. However, you simply don’t need a car seat mirror because it actually takes your eyes off the road which is where they should be at all times. Driving the car with a crying baby, laughing baby or baby throwing things can be distracting enough that you don’t need to buy something else to make you even more distracted. Stick to only using products with your baby’s car seat that are manufactured by the same manufacturer as the car seat.

Movement monitors or wearable baby monitors. Unless you know that your child is going to be coming home after a stay in the NICU, will be born small or will have a medical issue you don’t need a movement monitor or a wearable monitor that tracks things like your baby’s oxygen level or heart rate. New parents have a lot of things to think about and worry about and adding these things can simply drive parents crazy especially by giving data that will just increase anxiety. Stick to a great video monitor with features such as pan and zoom and a great night vision camera.

Did you buy anything for your first baby that you never used?

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