Baby Gear: Table for Two Please!

Necessity is the mother of invention!

I don’t think anyone understands this saying as well as a M.O.M. (Mother of Multiples)! A M.O.M. learns to take two pieces of gear that are not made to go together such as a Boppy pillow and a bouncy seat, add a receiving blanket (or 6) and suddenly have the “perfect” system to feed twins at once! I clearly remember the times when my twins (who had major acid reflux) were still bottle feeding and I would sit on the floor holding one in the nook of my left arm holding her bottle with my left hand and have my son sitting propped up in a Boppy with a pillow and feeding him with my right arm. Each time they needed to be burped I would have to attempt to reposition them and get the bottle back to them before they started screaming or got bored. Of course each time I did this the phone rang, my older son needed to sit on the potty or I would get a cramp in my arm. THANKFULLY, someone finally came along with an amazing product to save M.O.M.s from inventing their own feeding system (which leaves more time to invent systems to entertain twins while you shower). Table for Two is a beautiful, well designed and thoughtful piece of gear that should be at the top of any must-have list for a new M.O.M.

With its safety straps, arm rests, bottle holders and washable inserts, the functionality of this is unmatched with any other piece of gear available. Table for Two can be used to bottle feed, as a lounge seat and for the first solid feedings.

With all that functionality it still looks great! There are more than 25 options for the decorative inserts. Check out this navy and pale pink option for boy/girl twins.

If you have twins now, are expecting twins or need to buy a great gift for someone expecting twins, I strongly recommend adding Table for Two to your list of gear to purchase! And, thank you to Super-M.O.M. Lindsey for bringing us Table for Two!

Happy Feeding!

xoxo, Julie

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