Baby Gear: Fashion meets Function

Walk the aisles of any baby store and you will be surprised how much baby gear has changed in recent years. Gone are the days when everything had one function and the design was an after-thought that wasn’t given much thought beyond two options – for a boy or for a girl. It seems like every day we learn of a new company or a new product that is multi-functional, grows with a child and looks beautiful. There are entire lines of baby furniture and gear that I would be pleased to have out in our home for guests to see. And moms with stroller-envy and diaper-bag jealousy are as common at a playground as Goldfish. The one downsize to all this baby gear that is designed with superior functionality and equally fashionable is deciding which gear to buy! To get you started, check out these two companies that are doing a fabulous job at combining fashion and function.

The first is Boon and their entire line that is innovative and designed for the modern mom all while being affordable. Did I mention they also give 10% of all their profits to children’s charities! There is one piece from their line of feeding products that I am currently a little obsessed with called the Wrap. This beautiful piece of soft material fits around a standard bowl to protect it and the suction cup on the bottom keeps the bowl in place.

The Wrap is recommended for all ages so I put that to the test. I had a girlfriend over with a baby still in stage 1 foods and she fed the baby out of a piece of my china inside the Wrap. My 2 year old twins who still have a fascination with throwing things off my dining table love it. My 3 year old loves to use the Wrap for his morning cereal and asks for it by saying he wants to eat out of the ocean. All this use and not one broken dish..not even one close call. I really enjoy the option to feed little ones (or allow bigger ones to feed themselves) out of a bowl that isn’t plastic. And the best part is when you are ready for bowls, instead buying multiple packs of dinosaur/daisy/baseball/butterfly bowls, you can buy just a few wraps and use the dishware you have today. Babies love the bright colors and you will love that you won’t have to hide them in the “kid” cabinet while you entertain.

The second is Quinny who offers modern strollers that will definitely make you the envy of your Mommy group! When I got to check out their newest stroller, the Moodd, I was so excited….the assembly was so smooth that I knew the ride would be great. Not only does the Moodd look amazing and modern but it grows perfectly with your child and it is easy to use…truly a complete stroller.

The most unique feature on the Moodd is that it can completely unfold itself automatically thanks to its hydraulic system. It is also very easy to fold with the push of one button making it ideal for the on-the-go mom or dad! Everything about this stroller makes for a more comfortable ride for your baby. The ultra comfy seat can be installed in either forward or rear-facing and can be used from birth when combined with a Maxi-Cosi Mico infant car seat or Quinny Dreami bassinet. There are also pneumatic tires to ensure a smooth ride. The Moodd doesn’t skimp on any feature and the stroller can be enjoyed for children up to age 4 (maximum 50 lbs). My focus group of three gave it 6 thumbs up….everyone went for a ride around the house and after each ride I easily changed from the bassinet to the rear facing seat to forward facing for my big guy. And for all your fashionistas out there, the Moodd comes in 7 amazing color combos!

Whether purchasing a bowl, a stroller or any other piece of baby gear that you will use everyday don’t settle for function alone. Check back for more reviews on more gear that fulfills our need for fashion and function.

Happy Shopping! xoxo, Julie

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