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Baby gear expert, Julie McCaffrey gives access to swift, unbiased information to new parents seeking advice regarding baby gear. With this “ask an expert” option, Julie makes it easy to request in-depth information and product recommendations to your questions.

How does it work?
1. Submit your question in the form (giving some background info to your question will help you get more personalized product recommendations)
2. Submit your question and simply pay $10 for expert advice
3. You will receive the answer to your question within 18 hours
4. You are able to ask one follow-up question at no cost to ensure you have all the info you need

What type of questions can you ask?
Anything baby gear or product related as long as it is meant for your newborn up to 18 months!

Are you stuck between two strollers? We can help you decide which will be best for you to push. Do you have a particular problem at your house that you need to solve before baby comes? We can help you to know which gear or products might get you past that hurdle. Is your baby starting to move around more and you need some ideas on what you can use as entertainment? We can give you a list of developmentally appropriate toys.

Whether you are stuck while building your registry or realized you are in need of something once you have baby home we can help.


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