Adventures in Diapering Part#2

I am happy to report that we have made it through the holidays and through two stomach bugs and we are still happily in cloth diapers. (Okay…so we are in cloth diapers part time but I have a perfectly good explanation!) I really started on this adventure with the idea that I wanted to fully understand cloth diapering, find the best way to be organized and the best system to pass onto our BabyNav moms. In that, I think “twin B” and I have been successful…we have found the system that works for us. Unfortunately, that does mean that Monday through Friday afternoon she is still in disposables and over the weekend she is in her gDiapers. Our kids are in daycare through the week and NY state does not allow cloth diapers…not even hybrids with a disposable insert. (tip#1 – whether daycare, nanny or other make sure you understand where your childcare provider stands on cloth diapers before making your decision to go this route). We started on the gDiapers hybrid system with cloth inserts but found ourselves on the go so much on the weekends that I have really relied on the disposable inserts. Either way, I feel good that we are putting less waste out for mother earth to deal with! I have to say that the biggest advantage for us has been a decrease in the number of diaper rashes and when she does get one they aren’t as severe (even with the disposable inserts). We even gave “twin A” a weekend in cloth when he got a bad diaper rash and it seemed to clear quicker than other rashes. So here are few more tips on making your decision and making your diapering, happy diapering!

tip#2 – EDUCATE yourself. There are so many options out there now for cloth! Will you go with Prefolds, a Hybrid system, or All-In-Ones? Any of these options also include options for some great fashions so make sure you check out a variety of brands.

tip#3 – EDUCATE yourself (seeing the theme?). If you would like to go to cloth for sustainability reasons make sure you account for the increased water and electrical usage from the laundry or fuel from using a diaper service. That is one reason we feel great about the gDiapers disposable inserts….they are plastic free, 100% biodegradable, compostable and flushable.

tip#4 – If you go with cloth, an organized (almost) daily laundry system is a must from the beginning.

We are headed toward potty training (a whole different adventure) but plan to continue our adventures in cloth diapering with gDiapers until then! Good luck and happy diapering!

xoxo, Julie

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