Adventures in Diapering Part #1

My oldest son wore Pampers and we loved them and never thought twice about it. My twins came along when he was only 19 months old and it was like Pampers in newborn size had just always been sitting there waiting for their arrival. We still loved them but when I started to get a little more sleep I started to think about them a little bit. I was at that time putting approx. 26-30 diapers a day into my Diaper Genie (a MUST have by the way). I was reading more and more about cloth diapers and more and more moms started asking about them but honestly, Pampers were such a no-brainer part of our routine that I was nervous to look elsewhere.

My oldest took to potty training like a champ (thanks to a large wall of reward stickers) and he was out of diapers by 24 months. But around that time, my daughter started having diaper rash and then more diaper rash. We had our cocktail of changing and drying and creams but it always seemed to come back. Still having a bit of guilt about the number of diapers we were sending out the door, I decided it was time to give cloth diapers a try.

I was so lucky to get to meet the founder of gDiapers ( at the ABC Kids Expo along with two of her diaper therapists and learn more about their system of cloth diapers. I was so impressed with this company and their products….it is clear they truly believe in what they are doing! So it was settled, I was going to try ‘twin B’ in cloth diapers. I was really excited to receive my box of starter goodies, complete with adorable pants, inserts and disposable liners. In fact, too excited and I didn’t follow the directions which clearly told me to wash the liners 6 times to ensure absorbency before the first use. The pants were so cute that after one wash I decided there was no harm in giving them a try. Lesson #1 – follow directions! We had a leak and I decided I should finish the set up of my system correctly so back she went to Pampers. But…I was determined to make this work so after 5 more easy washes I organized everything I needed in the nursery and ensured the diaper bag was stocked. We now have one adorable tushy in some adorable pants and we feel like we are doing more for the future of Mother Earth.

Check back next month to see how we are doing in cloth and get some tips and tricks on making cloth diapering a success for your family!

xoxo, Julie

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