Julie is

the proud mommy to 3 kids (once all under 2) who is a magnet to pregnant women and babies. She loves labor stories, spit up and poopy diaper talk. She is a sought after modern baby gear expert that has been featured in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine and on Project Nursery. She is so addicted to organization that even her kids are color coded. Julie worked in corporate America for nearly 10 years and after three years of being a full time working mommy, she realized her dream and BabyNav was born!

You are

A first time mommy or daddy who is overwhelmed trying to navigate the vast world of ‘baby.’ A 2nd, 3rd or 4th time mommy too busy enjoying your kids to navigate the ever changing world of ‘baby.’ Expecting a single baby or multiples. A full-time working mommy who is plagued with the idea of keeping your career in balance with your desires for motherhood. Whether you are any of these or just someone who is looking for additional support, BabyNav has services available to fulfill your needs.