A Few of My Favorite Things

“These are a few of my favorite things….” It is that time of year so we have teamed up with some of my favorite brands to bring you my favorite things giveaway. Check out the below 14 handpicked baby gear essentials and must haves and then learn how to enter to win all these products worth more than $1000 and will go to ONE lucky winner. We know you are going to love all of these products as much as I do!

  1. Gathre Mini Mat – These beautiful leather mats will not only look good under your highchair but they will make clean up a breeze too. This mat can be put to work under a toddler at mealtimes to keep falling food from making a mess on the floor.  Just a few quick wipes and it’s clean again!  It is also a perfect size to be used for tummy time and it alleviates the need to do laundry after every inevitable spit-up.  Retail value: $40

babyhome side rail with light

2. babyhome Side Light bed railThis side rail sets itself apart because it keeps your little one safe while still looking great. Side Light comes with a mild LED light, is made from a mesh that enables parents to see their child, offers high-tech washable fabric, is lightweight and is the tallest guardrail on the market. Retail value: $99
ergoPouch3. ergoPouch ergoCocoon Swaddle to Sleep Bag and ergoCocoon Sleep Suit:  This awesome collection includes high quality products that offer great functionality and versatility with swaddles that can easily transition to a sleeping bag, and sleep suits that convert from bags to suits with legs for easy use from bassinet to stroller. All ergoPouch products are made with natural fibers including Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Merino. Swaddle Retail Value: $24.99, Sleep Suit Retail Value $59.99  Print

4. Covered GoodsEver wondered what that striped wonder is that seems to be all over your Instagram feed? This is it…the original multi-use nursing cover, Covered Goods covers provide true all over coverage and can also be used as a scarf, car seat cover and shopping cart cover. Simple and easy to use = win for moms everywhere. Retail value: $34.99 

MAM baby

5. MAM Infant Basics Gift Set and PacifiersThis gift set is a great essential to put on any registry. It includes two 5 oz. Anti-Colic bottles, two 9oz. Anti-Colic bottles, one medium flow nipple, one fast flow nipple, one Start newborn pacifier, one pacifier clip and one Soft Brush. The Anti-Colic bottles have a patented vented base that regulates pressure ensuring babies do not get air in their tummy while feeding. Retail value: $50Angelcare bath support

6. Angelcare Bath Support – This bath support takes the worry out of bath time for parents!  Designed with comfort in mind the bath support is mildew-resistant and hygienic and recommended for use with babies up to 6 months. Retail value: $29.99

Sassy toy

7. SassyThis line of toys is one that has been around and loved for a long time but in early 2017 Sassy is launching over 100 new toy and feeding products  that will help children thrive by focusing on the baby and young child’s developmental and educational needs.  The all new collection is designed for open-ended play to help babies learn to solve problems, be flexible, self-motivate and most importantly, play.

Pediped Originals

8. Pediped Originals – There isn’t much that is cuter than baby shoes and Pediped makes some of the cutest. These aren’t just cute though. They are amazing quality and super comfy and have been been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for the promotion of healthy foot development. Retail value: $39.95

bBox Diaper Caddy

9. bBox Diaper CaddyDiaper changes don’t always happen at your changing table and this light and portable change station ensures you have everything you need for diaper changing wherever you are around the house. This product is great for parents who have two story homes and don’t want to walk up and down stairs all day. When you are done with diapers it also makes a great art caddy or home organizer.  Retail value: $60Babo Botanicals

10. Babo Botanicals First Bath Newborn Essentials Gift SetThis set of organic products is filled with the essentials that you will need to keep your baby’s skin clean and moisturized (which can be tough in winter). Included are a soothing diaper cream, moisturizing shampoo & wash and moisturizing lotion. All Babo Botanicals products are dermotologist tested for sensitive skin, so you know they are safe and gentle for young, delicate skin. Retail Value: $38.


11. DockaTot – This multifunctional lounger has become coveted by new parents everywhere and for good reason. The DockaTot is a safe and comfy spot for lounging, relaxing, sleeping (supervised), playing, tummy time or just hanging out. There are two sizes available and all materials used are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic. Deluxe Retail Value: $165

Binxy Baby

12. Binxy BabyThis comfy shopping cart hammock is finally an answer to the scary sight of a car seat balanced on top of a shopping cart. The Binxy Baby easily clips onto most carts, hangs elevated so you have plenty of room for groceries, then simply rolls up to fit in your diaper bag when finished. And if you still want to use your car seat, most infant car seats sit snugly inside the hammock. Retail value: $49.95

Finn and Emma Playgym

13. Finn and EmmaIf you are looking for style for your baby but are not willing to risk any exposure to toxins Finn and Emma is the brand for you. All their clothing is made from 100% organic cotton using eco friendly dyes and  and all their toys are made using natural wood. And on top of that, their garments and accessories are produced in fair trade settings. For Finn and Emma though that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on style!

Milestone Baby

14. Milestone Baby Original Baby CardsIt is one thing to grab your phone and snap a picture but remembering to write each moment can be hard. The Milestone Baby Cards are 30 photo cards that you can use to capture your baby’s first year in weeks, months and memorable moments. Add a card to your pictures and you will never forget when your little one slept through the night, rolled over or said mama for the first time. Retail Value: $24

Head over to Instagram (@babynav) to learn how you can win all of my favorite essentials and MORE. In addition to the products we are also giving away a 3-Hour BabyNav gift certificate for the baby planning services of your choice. One winner will win all these prizes valued at more than $1000.Come back and comment here telling us about some of your favorite things for an extra entry. Go quick before the giveaway ends on Monday, December 12th at 11:59pm PST.

xo, Julie


(One winner will be chosen randomly after the giveaway ends on Monday, December 12th at 11:59PM PST. Winner will be announced on Instagram. This giveaway is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram. By entering you are confirming that you are 18+ years of age, agree to Instagram’s terms of use and release Instagram from any and all responsibility.)

61 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things”

  1. Bbox diaper caddy since like it said changing time does not always happen in the same place. && The gathre mini mat since my baby started to eat baby food and it’s always a mess it would be much easier to clean up.

  2. So many of my favs! The dockatot that keeps a baby cozy wherever they’re sleeping, the babyhome bedrail with nightlife a toddler must have and Finn and Emma such pretty baby toys

  3. What an amazing giveaway! All Ana big products! I LOVE our baby breeza formula maker! It has made bottles so easy for me (especially when I have my hands full with my twins!)

  4. I love the Angelcare Bath Support. I have two grandsons that are very little yet. One is only 2 weeks old. It is so hard to give a small baby a bath and this would be great just for that.

  5. Some of our favorite things are Aden + Anais burpy bibs and swaddles, munchkin 360 cups, Boppy pillow and Cloud B twilight turtle sound machine! I have heard great things about the products you shared and would love for them to become some or family’s favortirs as well!

  6. I have a 4 month old and would love the dockatot and Finn and Emma. All of your favorites are a great idea. I would be shopping for them too. Thank you for sharing them!!! My IG is @mrs_veroniqu3

  7. Such great picks! All are so useful 🙂 The overhead baby toy is adorable & the ergo sack looks cozy! We are expecting our second and would use all these things!

  8. the gathre mat is one of my favorite things !! Id love to have one to use with my super duper favorite thing in the world, my daughter <3

  9. This giveaway has some really great items. Covered goods, Dockatot and Babo botanicals are already some of my favorites. For some favorites not on this list: Aden&Anais swaddles, Stokke Tripp trapp high chair, 4moms mamaroo, Ubbi diaper pail, and Ezpz mats

  10. The angle care bath support is our absolute favorite. I’ve used it for both of my kids. Funny when you enter these giveaways you don’t realize how many of the products you currently use. Great minds think a like.

  11. I just have to say all these products sound amazing! I recently purchased a doc a tot for my just about 6 month old, I got a regular size however now having her in it I realize I should have just spent the extra money for the large size however with other medical expenses we just couldn’t afford it. She absolutely loves it and has finally started sleeping in her own crib because of it! She has a Doc Band (what most call a helmet) so she has always struggled getting comfortable anywhere but my arms or her cradle. This products has helped us both start to sleep all night so I just have to thank doc a tot for a great product and highly recommend it for more parents!!

  12. Some of my favorite things are co sleeper bassinets, bin your shopping cart hammocks, pacifier clips, and a well stocked changing table/area

  13. My favorite things so far are the bamboobies nursing pads, the earth mama angel baby & mama products, swaddles, and sleep and play pjs. My dying to try favorites are the dockatot deluxe, natursutten butterfly pacifiers, honest diapers, & the babyletto cribs and gliders 🙂

  14. I would love all of this. Thanks for the chance. I would love the dock a tot. I think my little tatertot would benefit hugely from it.

  15. My favorite things is the DockaTot because me and my husband are planning on co-sleeping and i heard so much about it! Also the Milestone Baby Cards, I want to look back at the pictures for memories and watch my baby grow! ?

  16. As a FTM it can be hard to navigate through all the ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ for your expected little one. Love these products and this blog that helps make it a little easier on us new mamas!

  17. This contest is amazing!!! Winning this would be something like hitting the baby goods jackpot! The only thing I have is the Milestone baby cards and they are awesome! But I’ve been eyeballing the dockAtot and Binxy baby for a while. Also, Finn and Emma have ADORABLY crafted items…and MAM binkeys are the ONLY ones my two littles have loved. Some other items I love but haven’t seen until this give away is the Gathre Mini Mat and the ergoPouch ergoCocoon swaddle…SO COOL!!! I want it all!!

  18. Hi there my name is andrea , i just recently had my baby girl i would really love to win this giveaway i cant really afford all these lovely things but would love to love these items as well. Love the list

  19. Some of my favorite things are good, quality baby things! & baby snuggles. Can’t wait for all the baby snuggles!


  20. In love with so many of these things! The dock a tot would be especially helpful right now. I have been wanting to binxy baby hammock as well. I have loved all of the sassy toys I have gotten also. Would love to get to try all the other new things on my sweet Lula Mae!

  21. I have a baby girl due January 16th and you have no idea how much I could use this giveaway! I am obsessed with the dockatot as well as the covered goods! Best giveaway ever… I entered on Instagram under ‘graceseubert’… please pick me! Happy holidays 🙂

  22. My top favorite has to Dockatot 🙂 Would use it for both my boys. Also love Pediped because I’ve had pediped shoes before for my first son and they last a long time, they even look great for my second son now 🙂

  23. Hard to pick since all these brands / products are amazing! My top favorite has to be the Dockatot 🙂 Would use it for both my boys. Also love Pediped because I’ve had pediped shoes before for my first son and they last a long time, they even look great for my second son now 🙂 & Babo botanicals are great too! I bathe both my sons with their products.

  24. This is so great, one of the most stressful things has been reading reviews for my registry and everything is so mixed, one person loves it another person says it’s awful.
    It’s wonderful to see a community of people putting the best of the best
    together for our sweet baby ?? I know I’m definitely adding a bunch of stuff to my registry tonight

  25. My favorite things on your giveaway are the dock a tot and a the binxy baby hammock. I would LOVE a dock a tot for our newborn baby boy so that I could safely snuggle with him in bed. The baby hammock is just genius. We put the carseat into the bottom section of the cart currently and it takes up all the room for the groceries -.-

  26. so many favorite items, but a few are Gathre mat, Dockatot, and Covered Goods cover (especially as baby number two is on the way), and the bed rail looks great for when our toddler transitions to a toddler bed someday. thanks for the giveaway!

  27. You have pretty much covered “all my favorite things” although one thing that’s not on your list that I’m excited for us to use for our little one the way is the MamaRoo!! I hope this can help soothe and keep baby happy while mama tries to get a few things done!! I also think the pockit stroller would be handy for traveling…although we do not have this!!! Thank you for putting together such a great list of baby products for us mama’s and mama’s to be!!

  28. I love covered goods!! I just bought another one as we are expecting our second baby. I would love to be able to try the other favorite products!

  29. I love the idea of that guard rail since it’s not too long before we transition our little guy into a toddler bed, but as far as all time favorite baby products that I currently own, I love my 7am enfant warm cover that I can zip my little guy up in his stroller. We have been using it since day one and it has kept him warm for big sister’s school pick ups ever since. I love that I grows with him and will use it again for our next one due in May!

  30. My favorite thing from this giveaway can not just be one item! They all seem great and useful and would love to try them all with my current kids and the one still baking in my tummy.

  31. My favorite things is the DockaTot because me and my husband are planning on co-sleeping and i heard so much about it! Also the Milestone Baby Cards, I want to look back at the pictures for memories and watch my baby grow! ?

  32. I am due in March and the dockatot, and Finn and Emma play gym are definitely on my favorites list!! I love that these two products can be used together for playtime. 🙂

  33. My favorite things right now are being able to feel my little Pebble’s kicks and being able to enjoy the last couple of quiet night cuddled up by the fire with my husband.

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