7 Things While You Wait

The nursery is stocked and organized, the layette has all been washed, the car seat is installed, your bag is packed…and you have 3 weeks left before your due date. Instead of watching the clock go by, check out this list of 7 to-dos to pass the time!

1. Start your baby book! There are plenty of sections that can be completed before baby’s arrival. If the standard printed baby book isn’t for you, check out these apps…

Ourkids: Family Journal, Memory & Baby Book. This app is very basic and won’t replace your baby book but it will allow you to capture events along with an attached photo and will even track the event location using your GPS. Later you can take the notes and put them into your book. $2.99

Sweet Baby. This app is also basic but if cutting, gluing and stickers just aren’t your thing you can use this to replace the traditional baby book. It allows for multiple books and you can upload videos as well as photos. Free

2. Cook and freeze 3 meals. There are some basics like don’t try to freeze fruits, veggies, dairy or pasta as they can change texture (yuck). But since you have some time on your hands, do some research on the “Easy Freezer Meals Method”…reading it reminds me of extreme couponing but there are great tips on meals that will actually be tasty once thawed.

3. Take nursery stocking and organization one step further. Pack your diaper bag for the first outing, sterilize the pacifiers, take the seal off the diaper cream, etc. Look for all these little items that you can do now to reduce frustration later.

4. Pre-write the text, Facebook post, email, tweet, etc that you want your husband/partner to send to friends and family.

5. Finish any thank you notes left over from your shower and start the next round. Take a simple pack of 12 note cards and write your return address and stamp them. You can fill in the details as you get gifts later.

6. Select your announcements. You won’t have hours to pour over Tiny Prints, Etsy or Minted once the baby arrives but now you can take your time and narrow down the announcements you love.

7. You stocked up for baby but did you stock up for you? Head to your favorite wholesale club and stock up on paper towels, toilet paper and other household basics! If shopping out and about is getting tough head to Amazon.com. While you are there check out AmazonMom where you can get exclusive discounts and savings on diapers and other baby care basics.

Oh…and of course RELAX! Happy Waiting!

xoxo, Julie

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