5 Tips For Helping Your Toddler Prepare For a New Baby

For the baby of the family, it can be an adjustment when a new baby is going to be joining the family. Confusion, jealousy, and even some acting out can be normal when you bring a new member into the family but with some planning, you can make it easier.

  1. Tell your toddler a couple months before baby is due. While your toddler may overlook your weight gain it is helpful to explain it to them. Let your toddler get used to the idea. Encourage your child to talk to the baby in your belly and feel it move. The more your toddler bonds with the baby before the birth the easier things will be when you bring baby home.
  2. Help your child understand what a new baby is. Toddlers that have not had much experience with babies will need a little help understanding. Point out babies while you are out of the house, read books to your toddler about babies, and answer questions your little one may be capable of expressing to you.
  3. Buy your baby a baby doll. Explain to your child that while mama takes care of the new baby they have a big job of taking care of their new baby. While waiting for the big day use the baby doll to teach your child how to hold and cuddle and be gentle with the baby.
  4. Ask your toddler for help prepare for the new baby. Allow your little one to feel involved in decisions like picking paint for the nursery. Your toddler may love to draw a picture that would be framed for the wall. If transitioning your toddler to a big kid bed so you can use the crib start early so it is not a big shock when baby arrives and the crib has a new occupant.
  5. Get your toddler a gift from the baby. A gift for your toddler the day the new baby arrives is a great way to make them feel important and prepare them for the next few months where the baby will be very needy. Children see this small gesture as a sign that they are still loved even though they are not the baby of the family anymore.

Anything that you did with your toddler to prepare them for a new baby?

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